Through the labyrinth

Would you mind awfully ? Could I just…squeeze through…thank you so much…it’s not very wide, is it ? This digital superhighway….more like a drinking straw …now one more push and…there ! I’m through ! Let me introduce myself…no…that sounds like Saint Mick doesn’t it… let me explain…don’t get upset…’s perfectly normal…lots of people do don’t run away or anything, will you ? Now that I’m here. I read a lot of poetry. There, that wasn’t too much of a shock, was it ?

I write poetry as well

I’m a poet.

Come back ! Please come back ! It’s nothing to do with frilly shirts and daffodils, honestly..well there might be a daffodil or two…or a small plant…but not frilly shirts.I promise.

Thank you ! Thank you for coming back ! Both of you ! Let me explain.

I write poetry. I always have. And there are thousands like me, all over the world. We’re the ones who spend most of their time staring into space, then writing something in a notebook, then crossing it out. Crossing out is a big part of poetry writing. I’m very good at it.

I write poetry because I can’t NOT write poetry. It’s a way of making sense  out of my life, I suppose. I’ve been doing it so long, it’s hard to remember why I started doing it in the first place. To start with, I like playing around with words, moving them round on the page, on the line. That part of poetry writing is like doing a crossword puzzle, only you’re inventing the clues and the solutions at the same time.

Then poetry helps me to remember. It’s important to look after your memory ,because your memory is you. So when I set out to write a poem about my dad, who died half a century ago, I reach back – it needs a mental effort -and hear his voice again, and the way he lifted the end of each sentence.

I like making things. I’m no good at woodwork, and I’m barely able to re-wire a plug. But when I’ve finished a poem, then it’s there, on the page, and when I read it again the following morning, I can think “ Hey ! I made that. And it’s not altogether bad.”

“Not altogether bad” will do for me, because all poems are failures to some extent ( except for Shakespeare  who has a higher hit rate than is decent.) Bet he couldn’t change a plug though.)

LIke I said, there are  thousands of us out there who are involved, in some way, with the process of boiling experience down, and putting  it on paper.

Maybe we should get together.

This is the deal. I’ll put something up on this site once a week or so- more often if I’m feeling prolific, less often if I have a cold. It might be a poem I’ve written, or a review of a book I’ve read or a general rant about the state of my world.

Talk back to me. Tell me what’s happening in your poetic world.

Thanks for tech support to Alasdair Stuart ( Yes ! Him off Pseudopod ! We’re related, you know…boast boast



Will my unit work straight from the box ?

Short answer’s “ Yes”- the hardware is complete-

temperatures and pressures stabilised,

each circuit strictly tested and each switch.

However, leakage is a frequent glitch

straight after installation. This is normal

and the use of simple work-arounds

will solve the issue.

You will also find

mobility is a something of a challenge.

Motion sensors need some time to settle.

Control of movement takes about two years-

the same as language acquisition, then

the unit is completely functional.


What about the tech specification ?

You’ve got the largest Random Access Memory

that’s  ever been evolved. There’s room

for years of data at your finger ends.

Twin audio/video inputs guarantee

a world of sound and pictures in HD

It’s all so user-friendly. You’re the one

who matters here, and all of it is free.

No downtime, no screen freezes, always



Tell me, how long will the unit last ?

The Manual says  three score years and ten

is more or less the average length of time.

After that, the start-up menu slows;

viruses infect each crucial cache.

On the screen a cheerful caption glows-


You glimpse the Great Blue Screen of Death

and then you’re




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