A serendipitous error

You might wonder why the strapline to this blog is

“ Where poetry and Lego collide” or something such.

Well……I’ve got a bit of an apology to make. It was all going to be much more serious. The strapline was going to be”

“Where poetry and ego collide”

I was going to write this incredibly complex and exciting analysis of the way in which the ego ( and indeed the super ego) relates to the writing of poetry. Damn it ! I’ve got  a whole shelf of Feud’s books on the subject. Who was Feud ? Johann Sigmund Feud, who was the first man to explain the  symbolic significance of cigars.

Nothing to do with Freud. And certainly not a typo.

Glad we’ve got that cleared up.

Why is the blog called “ The Top Banana” ?

Easy. My grandad was a gangster in Chicago in the twenties.


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