Someone else’s good idea

Poetry, unlike chocolate, is for sharing. One poem can set you up for the day (John Donne, maybe) or make you laugh (Spike Milligan) – but suppose you could become part of the poem, rather than just a single reader…. that would be fun.

Well , British poet VC LInde ( see her website here :

has come up with a cracking wheeze. She has written a 400 line poem which she wants to share with you. She will send you a postcard with four lines from the poem on it. All you have to do is take a photo of you- and the postcard -and email it back to her. In the end she will have 100 photos, the poem will be , in a way, completed, and you will be a part of it. I was lucky-I got the first four lines, and I thought I would record them as well- so I did- and sent her the MP3.

And the poem itself ? It’s lovely- thoughtful, economically written- a piece everyone can relate to.

See the details here :

Seemples huh ?


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