Misunderstood Block

We have all been here at some time or another. Lesson plans and essay marking always seemed to get in the way of “proper” writing.” A really perceptive piece-it certainly strikes a chord with me.

The Brass Rag


Me: “I’ve been working so hard on this project that I haven’t had time to write my lesson plans for next week.”
My friend: “Just wing it. All you guys do is read, right?”
Me: gives friend the side-eye and forms a mental picture of myself stuffing said friend’s mouth with multiple copies of Proust. “Well, it’s a little more complicated than that.”
I’m always surprised when I trip over someone who thinks this way about “English.” What surprises me even more is that so many people lump everything: reading, analyzing literature, and writing, under the same dismissive heading.
The kicker is, an awful lot of people think the same way about writing. For some unfathomable reason, the tendency of non-writers is to reduce the hours of painstaking plot construction, character development, conflict building and resolution, sub-plot tuning, editing, and research to just “writing.” And they think it’s EASY.

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