I’d just like to thank…..


I have been nominated for an award. Not one of those great silver tea-urns, waved from the top of the team bus- no- just a quiet pat on the back- a “ thanks- you’re doing a good job.”

And I have to thank Daniel Budiarto for this. You will find him here


I’m up for The Liebster Award. If you want details of the Liebster, then go here:


In fact, it’s a round robin. Someone notices you, puts you on a list, and then you nominate in turn, and so it goes. It’s a small, but rewarding way of encouraging writers to write.


11 Facts about me.

I am almost very old.
I am a voice-over artist, among other things.
I can remember The Sixties.
I am owned by two cats and am The Walker of Choice for a small dog.
I buy too many books.
I am a cheese-a-holic – not Wensleydale, like Wallace- I’m a Stilton man.
I think too much and write too little.
My shoe size is 9 1/2.
I once met The Rolling Stones.
Apart from reading, my favourite pastime is sleeping.
I cannot drive, but I can walk really quickly.

My answers
If money were a nonissue, what would you do?
Run the best second hand bookshop in the world.

If there were a giant DELETE button, what would you erase completely off the earth?
Bad manners.

Name anybody famous, living or dead, whom you would like to have dinner with.
The Pope
What would you talk about with (3)?
What it’s like to be Pope

Summarize why you write in one or two words.
Can’t stop

If you had one one-way ticket to live in outer space, would you go? Yes.
If all books were to disappear from the universe but one, what would you want it to be? Tristram Shandy by Laurence Sterne.
How do you get inspiration? Never been inspired.
If you could be anybody other than yourself on Earth, who would you be?
Max Wall 1950’s comedian
What was the kindest thing you have ever done to a complete stranger?
Couldn’t possibly say

Now -my questions
1.What make was your first computer ? Mac / PC? Amstrad ?
2.What was your very first post about ? What made you write it ?
3.Physical book or e-reader ? Why ?
4.The one line of poetry you’ve never forgotten ?
5.Veggie or carnivore ?
6.Star Wars or StarTrek ?
7.Favourite historical character from the 20C ?
8.Town or country ?
9.Greatest hope ?
10.The title of Your Song ?

The nominations (5 here, 5 to come)

1.Alasdair Stuart at : http://tinyurl.com/ck37en for film, music,web, graphic novels and anything else in contemporary culture you can think of. And cooking. Especially cooking. Wide ranging, clever and engaging.

2.V.C Linde at http://vclinde.wordpress.com/
Terrific combination of thoughtful poetry, brilliant projects, and some lovely imagery.

3.Almost Written at http://tinyurl.com/cr9kv7l Go here for lovely photographs and all your haiku needs.

The Brass Rag at http://wp.me/p2eb7U-uh for common sense, a gently inquisitive view of life and perceptive insight.

5.J.A. Hennrikus here: http://jahennrikus.com/ Any blog that includes Jane Austen and baking gets my vote.

You’ll note that there are only five nominees here. These are the blogs I’ve come to know and love. There are plenty of others out there as well- I just haven’t discovered them yet.
When I have, I’ll let you know.


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