So simple, so concentrated.


16 thoughts on “Haiku

      • I’m having a blast entering some of my poems into the poetry assessor. So far I haven’t come close to your 3.9. But I’m trying! Fun

      • Did you get the comment I sent you that one of my poems, “To Write a Haiku” got a 4.4? I’ll send it along, in case you’re interested. I did that before, but apparently it didn’t go through.

      • A 2.6
        This is so much fun. I could use up a lot of time doing this, but I have piano lessons to give this afternoon. I’ll be back at it, for sure, though.

      • Hey, I just got a 4.4 on this (To Write a Haiku):

        To write a haiku is to stay within a fence
        and not spend more than just the ten and seven cents
        we are allowed in lines of five, then seven, five.
        With nature as the theme we’ll turn the key and drive

        our haiku cars along the winding country lanes.
        The singular, important words are like the grains
        we harvest for our winter crop. Those small thoughts turn
        our pennies into all the writing gold we earn.

      • There it is ! Poem got lost between my tablet and laptop. You make the point in the first line- you stay within a fence. From limitation comes freedom. Ask Mozart about that. I love the idea of SPENDING your syllables- it’s beautiful and original.AND you use rhyme- which works perfectly and is never forced.

        “the grains/ we harvest for our winter crop”- understated and powerful- as is the image of pennies turning into gold. This poem ( I’m counting both verses as one poem) has a very formal shape- and- at the same time- movement and action- driving through the country/ crops growing.

        It’s really clever. It works well.

        No wonder the PoetryGrinder gave it 4.4 !

      • Thank you so much for taking the time to comment, and so specifically. I do write mainly in the classic forms, as that’s how I was taught (by my father, who was a published poet). Every so often I’ll go off on a free verse tangent, but I’m much more comfortable within a structure. Funny, though, as my life reflects the opposite. : ) Again, thank you. I appreciate your comments.

      • Oh, I see you’re not a follower of my blog. But wait, you’re reading my poetry somehow. Whatever the case, should I send them to you in comments….or what?

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