Day dreaming on paper


Thanks to those readers who’ve commented on my recent post about “pair poems” and using music as a writing prompt.

“Pair poems” first. Pair poems are good when you have stuff left over. You’ve slogged away at writing something which is halfway decent. You’ve edited, cut and pasted, swapped some stuff round- and you have a poem, which might just past muster in the outside world. It might make a serious point with some panache. That’s good.

But you’ve got stuff left over. Remember ” Re-cycling” ? ( read it here if you haven’t)

You don’t just have phrases left over- you have ideas. Look at those paths not taken- they might give you another point of view- and one worth following up. You might just have another, complementary poem just busting to get written.

So write it. You have a matched pair, and the reader can have the fun of seeing two different reflections of the same idea , and will think you- the writer- a real clever clogs.

Music as a writing prompt. Any music will do. I’ve used Vivaldi, Tallis, Byrd- and I’ve also used Leadbelly, Eric Clapton and even the blessed St Mick.I discovered that Satie is really good as a starting point-” Gymnopedie” was particularly good- (I used to think that Gymnopedie was a presenter on the Today programme – sorry- British joke crept in there.)

Look- it doesn’t matter what you listen to- if it helps you daydream, then that’s the stuff to use.Because what is poetry if it’s not daydreaming on paper ?


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