For I shall consider my cat…


I promised the other day that I would put up my response to Kit Smart’s poem.

Here it is:

For I shall consider my cat Pippin (after Christopher Smart)

For he is smoke grey and has eyes of green glass.
For in his purring is the thread of life.
For his voice is harsh as a seabird’s wail
and cannot be denied.
For he sits on my chest every morning
and eats my porridge
For this is his right.
For he is kind to his companion, Simkin, and washes his face for him.
For his forepaws are almost fingers.
For he loves all dogs and rushes to greet them
causing confusion.
For he can leap the garden gate.
For he prefers me to open it for him.
For he can make himself ubiquitous and invisible
being in every room in the house at once
and none.

Even though he is a small god,
he deigns to treat me as an equal
and takes gifts from my hand.

If you want to look back to the Smart version you can find it here:

As usual- comments are always welcome.


2 thoughts on “For I shall consider my cat…

  1. I really enjoyed this. Especially the part about being a small god but deigning to treat you as an equal. There is definitely something other worldly about cats and yet they can disguise themselves as the most ordinary of creatures when they wish to.

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