I didn’t delete it after all…


I almost did. I’ve been trying to write this poem since the start of the year and it’s been driving me crazy. I like the idea of writing a poem as a reaction to someone else’s poem, and I love Frost’s ” The Road Not Taken.” It is so simple, and so clever- it’s about choices- which might not see important at the time – and how they can change the course of your life.

So over the past week or so I got all the scraps and odd lines I’d collected, and bolted them together into some kind of order. Usually I can tell if a poem is going to be any good, but this one really bewildered me. One moment I thought it was perfect- a brilliant piece of work, and the next I wrote it off as trash. So I put it up and begged for help.

And I got it. Cherie L gave me the most useful crit I’ve ever had. First of all she said she liked it – and then she pointed out all the little details that I had  missed – putting a line space in here, rewriting a word there. She pointed out that the end of the first verse didn’t make sense ( which it didn’t) and that the very last line didn’t quite work. I knew that, in my heart, but I’d been too damn lazy to do anything about it.

So this evening I have buckled down and  done some re-writing. I think it’s a lot better. Compare this post (the new version) and my previous post and you can see the changes. And Cherie…thanks for the help…I really appreciate it.

After “ The Road not Taken”- Robert Frost Version 2

I took the road more travelled.
Cajoled by circumstance and friends
I chose the broader way.

But now I can’t return.

The yellow wood,
the intersecting paths
belong to others now.

Way no longer leads to way
but narrows to a single track.
I cannot stop. I cannot stray.
I must walk on and not look back.

The finish can’t be far.

Perhaps another wood at the road’s end,
with trees just coming into bud,
leaves dripping sunlight,
my footsteps
soft on the warm earth.


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