Show me the crumbs

I’m looking for some advice here. I want to turn a sort of hobby into something more serious. For too many years now, I’ve been playing around with voiceover.

I’ve got a decent USB microphone, a sound absorbent screen, a pop guard and a lot of enthusiasm. Voiceover gigs have kind of found me out. I’ve worked as a narrator for “Pseudopod” – the horror website for years; I have regular work recording the English side of English/ Spanish language courses as well as corporates and one or two ads. Jobs seem to appear every few months, including a recent lovely gig with “Cast of Wonders” the YA story site.

Now I would like to work more often. I decided this summer that I would join “” with a Premium Lite membership. It cost me $40 a month and I kept it for five months -$200.
I got tons of invitations to audition – some times five or six a day- lots of variety- and potential income ranging from $100 up to $2.5k. I sent in 753 demos, was favorited 10 times and liked 11. No work. Not a smidgeon.

Now I wouldn’t claim to be King of the Voice Artists, but I don’t think I’m that bad. I’m good enough for the crumbs which fall from the big boys’ table. And I’d be really happy with a crumb or two.So I decided to quit leaving a dormant profile behind me.

Where do I go from here ? Do I find another P2P site ? There’s something called Direct Voices which claims to give you the freedom to set your own rates…is that worth a try, I wonder.

Or do I set up on my own ? I can’t afford a massive outlay. I haven’t the skill to build a website, nor the money to pay someone to do it for me. Any outgoings would have to be pretty small.

My question is :

“ Where are the crumbs ?”

Any help or advice gratefully accepted.


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