Show me the crumbs 2

This voice-over business is going to take a while to get started. First thing I’ve done is to work up some better demos – short pieces which give a client some insight int0 the kind of voice I have.

So I’ve got four decent demos ready to roll. My voice is very BBC (Received Pronunciation)  although there’s a hint of the north about it. I can do English regional accents – Lancashire, Yorkshire- but my forte is just doing a straight read. It’s very much an anonymous posh voice.

I shall put the demos up on the website – when I have one.I do have a profile on still – but it’s hard to access now I have reverted to freebie status. I can’t afford to pay someone for building me a website, so I shall have a look at all the free, build-it-yourself offers and see what I can find.

I’ve found another site which is not quite P2P, called Direct Voices. You pay ( very reasonably) to put up a profile, but after that you deal directly with potential clients.It seems a great idea except…. I can’t get the profile sheet to work. I input my name and password…and then the whole page goes dark and inert. I sent them an email a few days ago and ….no reply. So that doesn’t look very good and I will have to look elsewhere.

One of my regular clients is EscapeArtists – heard of them ? They deliver some of the best audio fiction around – I should know – I’ve read some of it. And recently I did some work for an EA offshoot- ” Cast of Wonders”-a wonderful Dickensian pastiche. It’s going live soon, so keep an eye open for it.






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