Schrodinger’s Cat


Well, here we are then
or possibly not.
It’s a bit cramped in here
what with the radio active sample
and the bottle of poisoned gas
and me.

Sometimes when he’s not Observing
I fade to a cats’ home in Pimlico
Where they do sardines in herb and lemon sauce.

I’m always back in time for Observations. .. off sometimes I feel
like a traffic light in rush hour.

Notice he chose me for the experiment
and not Schrodingers Dog.
That would have put things back a hundred years.

Moments from a parallel universe

Isaac! Your lunch is ready.
Stop moping in that orchard !
Go and wash your hands !
Unheard unseen
the apple falls.

It’s a message, Will,
from the Queen.
She likes the play
but could you make Hamlet
a bit more cheerful……
and alive at the end..

“Adolf” is a good name, Mr Hitler
But I’m afraid your wife insists on