Diary Fragment 1810


I was greatly shocked to hear
of Mary Ogley’s sudden death.

While at dinner
a wasp sting on her little finger
brought on such a laughing fit
she died.
She was stiff
ere they could take her upstairs to her room.

Apart from that the evening passed
with nothing more of note.
Except the soup
which was cold.



Holy Trinity churchyard

News headlines- all genuine- all bizarre

“Puffin found at sex clinic dies “- BBC news

“Man hollows out wooden leg to smuggle iguana” – Independent

“Hens loose after crash” -Independent

“ Big knickers save house from fire” _ Yahoo

“ Runaway lawnmower kills Buddhist monk in Milton Keynes” – The Times

“ Prince Charles’ harpist denies burglary charges”- The Times

“ Grandmother on mobility scooter is savaged by ferret”- The Times