I write ( and read) poetry because it’s more condensed, more immediate than anything other than music. Good poetry reaches deep down to places you didn’t know you had inside you. It tells you things you knew, at the back of your mind, but didn’t have the words to explain. Poetry doesn’t explain life it is life embodied in words.

I write poetry because it’s difficult, challenging and exciting-. I like the business of moving words around, of turning ideas into stepping stones so that I can reach what I really want to say. It’s a serious business, poetry writing- not to be taken lightly.

And it’s also a laugh, a giggle, a bit of fun. It’s playing with ideas like a baby playing with coloured beads. If a poem doesn’t work- then at least no-one dies.

Top Banana is not just about poetry. Anything- paper shredders, the Rolling Stones, the British weather are all grist to this particular wordmill.

If this strikes any chords with you, then have a look round here. Comment on the stuff I post. Share your ideas- and even your writing.

I am also a voice artist Yes – honestly. I’ve been doing it on and off for years and now I’ve decided to take it a bit more seriously.In the past I’ve worked for Pseudopod the horror website- and recently I have worked for the YA site Cast of Wonders. If you think I might be the voice for your project then look at my site here:

bodalgo.com — The voiceover market place

16 thoughts on “About

    • Daniel, That is so kind of you. Thank you. I’m absolutely delighted and of course I will take part. My answers to your questions, and my own questions, will be going up on The Top Banana in the next day or so.

  1. Really? Share our writing? OK. I would like to share the poem that got a 4.4 on the poetry assessor. Should I put in here in comments….or where?
    Thank you for opening your door to other poets. Your blog is so cool.

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