“The Top Banana” is a collection of writing which intrigues or amuses me – quite a bit of it is mine. If you browse through the pages here you’ll find sheep dogs, beggars, blues tunes, and diary entries – and all sorts of other stuff as well.

I write poetry because it’s fun – it’s like a puzzle to be solved – and because it’s a way of leaving electronic footsteps for people to follow. I try to write poetry which is accessible but not trite, intriguing without being pompous. And sometimes I get it right.

There is something here which will amuse or interest you. Enjoy it – and I love to have comments. Please let me know what you think.

I am Jack, and I would love to have your company.

Why not start here ?

Which witch ?

16 thoughts on “About

    • Daniel, That is so kind of you. Thank you. I’m absolutely delighted and of course I will take part. My answers to your questions, and my own questions, will be going up on The Top Banana in the next day or so.

  1. Really? Share our writing? OK. I would like to share the poem that got a 4.4 on the poetry assessor. Should I put in here in comments….or where?
    Thank you for opening your door to other poets. Your blog is so cool.

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